Complete Rejuvenation

Sampoorna Complete Rejuvenation
Our pace of life and its challenges often leave us exhausted. Our body and mind tells us to slow down and take a break to gather our energies - to ready ourselves to face these challenges once again, and with renewed vigor. We respond to this need by taking a holiday to recharge ourselves and get back to our daily life. But this 'break' only acts as a temporary solution, and soon enough we are back to the same state of exhaustion - much faster this time than the last.

You actually need a more permanent solution – a solution that truly understands your true nature and helps you in breaking this pattern in your life.

Our sampoorna solution helps you understand your true nature and prakruti. Your appreciation of your prakruti will help you break certain lifestyle patterns, which are harmful for you and move to state of permanent energy and wellness.

Our program basis your prakuti first takes you through a process of rejuvenation and detoxification and advises a certain dietary, lifestyle, dhyana (meditation), asana (yoga exercises) discipline, which you are recommended to follow even after you leave naturoville. You are also be advised to be in touch with one of our experts to act as your mentor in this process, to clarify doubts and maintain a discipline for being the best you can be.

You will be getting about 2 hours of structured support every day through the below described programs. Please note that the final pattern of the program will be decided only after the personal consultation with our team of doctors and experts.

Include Description Duration
Wellness consultation Our Holistic Healers will provide physical and clinical diagnosis. According to the findings the line of therapies will be suggested. Wellness diet programme and the right form of exercises will also be directed. 30 Minutes
Abhyanga A traditional synchronized full body herbal oil massage in 7 different postures 55 minutes
Udawarthana Herbal powder massage- to break down the deposited excessive subcutaneous fat. 30 Minutes
Udawarthana Herbal powder massage- to break down the deposited excessive subcutaneous fat. 45 minutes
Shirodhara Pouring of herbal medicated oil on the forehead and move on oscillating manner which acts as nervine tonic and soothing. ; 45 minutes
Thalam(sirolepa) Medicated herbal paste on the head for revitalizing and healing. 45 minutes
Sarvangalepa Application of himalayan medicated herbal paste with the sandal wood paste for rejuvenation and healing 45 minutes
Detox Therapy Using a great healing power of far infra ray to stimulate the fat metabolism and serve as detoxification 25minutes
Reflexology Massage whole body Pressure point massage to different kinds of nerve ending centers to activate the vital organs through central nervous system. 45 minutes
Detoxifying mineral salt friction bath
(under water)
Under water friction massage in the mineral water to remove toxins and excessive fat. 30 minutes
Aroma hot mud plaster Pure mother earth infused with pure essential oil- application to all over the body for detoxification. 45 minutes
Herbal mud plaster Medicated herbs mixed with mother earth are applied to all over the body for detoxification and healing. 45 minutes
Deluxe herbal bath A special bath in himalayan herbs for detoxification and rejuvenation 30 minutes
Naturoville deluxe massage An integrated full body massage with specific oil and reflexology. 60 minutes
Deep tissue massage Pressure massage using arm and forearm- serve as energizing and refreshing. 60 minutes
Refreshing deluxe
aroma hydrotherapy
Under water massage- combination of jet bath, chromo therapy and bubble bath with pure essential oil. 25 minutes
Rejuvenation aroma massage Tonic massage with pure olive oil and pure essential oil- lavender and jasmine. 60 minutes
Anti- ageing aroma massage A special pure essential oil infused with pure olive oil which acts on rejuvenation. 55 minutes
Energizing scrub Natural sea salt with pure essential oil- peppermint, orange and eucalyptus. 45 minutes
Detoxifying scrub Natural sea salt with pure essential oil – basil, juniper and green tea. 45 minutes
Personalized yoga
& meditation
Therapeutic asana, pranayama and meditation. 45 minutes
Personalized yogic satkriya Neti, kunjal and kapal bhati for cleansing of upper digestive and respiratory tract. 30 minutes
Personalized shankhapraksalan Cleansing of gastro intestinal tract through yogic process. 60 minutes
Vedic cooking You will be instructed in preparing certain vedic dishes ,which suit your prakruti 45 minutes
Nature of food Every food item that we intake also has its own 'prakruti' hence suitable for some and not so suitable for others. An understanding of this aspect of food that we consume daily will help us in balancing our diet basis our prakruti 45 minutes
Ayurveda Sampoorna Package: Complete Rejuvenation
(Include accomodation, all meals & all therapies listed as above & taxes)
Duration Room Type US $
7Nights / 8Days Deluxe Room 1818 10545 2626 1510
Executive Suite 2222 1278 3010 1731
14Nights / 15Days Deluxe Room 3596 2068 5131 2950
Executive Suite 3980 2286 5677 3264
21Nights / 22Days Deluxe Room 5313 3055 7576 4356
Executive Suite 5960 3427 8505 4890
  • Package Inclusions
  • Special Inclusions
  • Other Attractions
  • Accommodation in a/c deluxe room/executive suite on single/twin sharing basis.
  • Tea/coffee maker in the room.
  • Initial, daily & final consultation with our team of doctors.
  • Naturoville wake- up signature tea / coffee.
  • Breakfast, lunch & dinner (as per individual diet plan).
  • Daily yoga & meditation sessions.
  • Ayurveda treatments.
  • Medicines during treatments.
  • Two way transfer from haridwar/dehradun railway station or jolly grant airport to naturoville.
  • Traditional welcome.
  • Welcome drinks on arrival.
  • Usage of recreational area, indoor & outdoor games.
  • Usage of wellness gym and swimming pool.
  • 01 sight-seeing tour to ashrams in haridwar/rishikesh per week.
  • Excursion tour- apart from the 01 sightseeing tour per week one can also avail any of the below mentioned trips at the cost of rs. 600/- per person per tour, to be conducted with a minimum group of 5 persons.
  • Aarti darshan and local sightseeing at rishikesh and shopping in local rishikesh market (4 hrs).
  • Cultural programme depicting various folk dances of uttarakhand (45 mins).
  • Musical programme consisting of solo guitar and vocals, instrumental jazz performance (1 hr).
  • Visit to haridwar for aarti on the banks of river ganges at har ki pauri , local sightseeing and shopping (3 hrs).
  • Visit to holy stupa (buddhist temple) at clement town and visit to doon valley (3 hrs).
  • Morning expedition to rajaji national park for nature gazing and wild life safari (half day).
  • Morning leisure trip to village dudhli on the banks of river tons for bird watching, short treks and walks amongst natural flora and fauna (2 hrs).
Please note: Therapies offered in the Packages may vary after the consultation with our team of Doctors.